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If you are a small or mid-size business owner, you are most likely working early mornings and late nights to keep everything in motion. As a result, there is less time and resources for marketing, strategy, and growth planning since you have little margin for error and just try to keep things rubber side down.

No marketing plan will guarantee increased customer retention or profitability; however, not having a plan will limit your earning potential and success. According to Investopedia, one of the most common reasons companies fail is poor marketing and web presence. In a difficult climate where 20% of new businesses shutter in the first two years, and only 25% make it to 15 years or more, you need to play all of the cards available for sustainable success. The way people research, engage, and select service providers or companies to do business with has changed in the last ten years, and your marketing strategy may not have kept up with the trends. Here are seven common mistakes that I have seen and how you can remedy them.


7 Key Marketing Mistakes Facing Small Businesses and How to Fix Them

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Let me preface with I am not a photographer. I am a momtographer who is dangerous with some cool editing tools. I have little business writing a blog about DIY newborn hospital photos other than (1) I am a mom who failed to capture many sweet moments from my kids’ first days and now regret […]

That Mom Life

DIY Fresh48 Newborn Hospital Photos – COVID Era

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As most of the nation shutters businesses and families stay at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, those of us in the towing and recovery industry are deemed essential businesses. Small business owners are left trying to provide service for their customers and generate necessary revenue but safeguard their employees as much as possible. This health […]

Towing & Recovery

COVID-19: Crisis Management and Mitigation for the Towing & Recovery Industry

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We all <3 doctors, nurses, and medical professionals. This post is not about that or rank, but rather so many “blue-collar” jobs are viewed in a negative light compared to those with a lot of letters after their name, stethoscopes, and degrees on the wall. Right now, in a time of crisis, it is a humble reminder […]

Culture & Communications

America Relies on BLUE

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My more recent public post for my full-time employer. Considering the usual reach of our social media and that I just started working on developing more engaging posts since December, quite happy with this organic reach – $0 to pay for placement on boosts. Proof that creativity and content can be enough! Times like these […]

Automotive & Trucking

PORTFOLIO: If Trucks Stopped

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While much of the world is shuttering businesses and going into self-isolation, the men and women of the towing industry carry on. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists need to get to work just as emergency vehicles must keep running. Without trucks on the road, the supplies and goods that everyone relies on would disappear off of the shelves and not be replenished, proving that service-based industries such as ours are especially crucial during these times of crisis.

Data and information regarding the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is rapidly changing as the media fans worry and a sense of panic. Most large corporations are not adequately prepared for these unchartered territories, let alone the independent, small businesses like most towing companies that do not have the resources or processes to operationalize emergency action plans. Similarly, the very nature of our work prevents us from allowing our employees to work from home or have unlimited time off. And economically, small businesses have little to no safety net to enable these benefits. Still, we are a close-knit community that usually works hard to look out for our own.


Towing & Recovery

What Coronavirus Means for Tow Companies

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